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Luxury Barbados Holiday

Barbados Holidays are among the most popular of the multitude of experiences that the Caribbean has to offer, and with good reason. Barbados is an island of distinction: an eastern outpost of the southern island chain that offers an intriguing mix of comfortable hotel opulence and a more authentic experience for the adventurous.

These contrasting characters can perhaps be attributed to the Atlantic, which crashes upon the corals of the less developed, but undoubtedly beautiful beaches of the north and east. Barbados holiday resorts are typically located along the south and west coasts of the island, which offer less choppier waves, safer swimming waters and fewer rocky pathways.

Barbados therefore offers a luxury holiday experience that is flexible and well suited to the varying needs of the typical tourist. Though east coast hotels certainly exist (consider the excellent Atlantis hotel), you will most likely be based near the well serviced beaches, plentiful restaurants, self-contained resorts and lively nightlife of the western and southern coasts.

These locations offer a fine way to relax and indulge, but the island’s dramatic interior and secluded eastern beaches are there if you feel your holiday in Barbados is falling into a tourist-trap.

Luxury Holidays to Barbados

Holidays to Barbados offer a wide range of activities, no matter where you choose to spend your time. The capital city offers fantastic shopping opportunities in the form of both large department stores (Broad Street, Bridgetown) and small craft sellers (Pelican Village). The beaches of the east offer some world-class surfing.

The west coast if popular for scuba diving and para-sailing, whilst the south coast offers Kayaking and Windsurfing. In the interior you’ll find golf courses and plenty of fantastic walks, taking in the best of the island’s spectacular views.

Choosing what to do on a Holiday whilst in Barbados may be difficult with so much going on, but choosing Barbados as your destination is an easy decision to make.

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